Racking Installation & Relocation Brisbane Case Study

Racking Installation & Relocation Case Study -Endeavour Foundation

Pallet Racking Installation & Relocation

Bringing real possibilities to life. Endeavour Foundation’s is a great charity that Macrack whole heartedly supports. They are supporters and employers of people with disabilities giving them individual goals & aspirations to work towards, whilst supporting their careers and education.

As Australia’s largest employer of people with a disability, they focus on what people can do, their strengths and capabilities. They believe employment is a critical part of an inclusive, empowering community for people with a disability.

Here at Macrack we love supporting charities and people in need, as a grass roots company we have strong ties with our community and those in need of a helping hand. So when clients such as ‘Endeavour Foundation’, need to upgrade and relocate their facility we are happy to lend a hand.

The Endeavour warehouse:

Endeavour currently has Macrack pallet racking in their Booval warehouse, here they use the racking to store general goods for their mining and industrial division. Here they pick stock of the safety equipment and other industrial items used for all other division within endeavours workplaces as well as for general business.

Currently they have Genuine Macrack Pallet Racking with a lifetime guarantee. This means that the racking is made from Pre-galvanised steel, which will never rust allowing the company worry free continued use. Staff are therefore safer, because there is no chance of structural faults (caused by rust), creating a productive environment.

Not only that, the racks are certified to the latest standards AS 4084:2012, which means they are compliant to all the requirements set out in the ‘Steel Storage Racking’ standards.

Warehouse Relocation:

With our working relationship, Endeavour Foundation has asked Macrack to relocate their warehouse to their new premise in Wacol. Here they will operate on a larger scale, and help support and create more jobs for people living with disabilities.

The racking system they are utilising to increase storage capacity is a double deep pallet racking system, sometimes referred to as Deep store storing one pallet behind another in an effort to maximise warehouse capacity. It is a very efficient way of increasing capacity in a warehouse, with the reduction in the number of aisles, but little increase in the cost.

Double deep racking uses regular pallet racking pushed together in order to create racks that are two pallets deep, or 4 pallets deep if it is back to back. To access the back pallets you will need to have a pantographic forklift, where the tines reach out the access the pallet in the back.

Thankfully to Endeavour, they have been able to use their Genuine Macrack pallet racking and convert it into double deep racking, increasing their storage capacity in their new warehouse, with minimum additional expenditure.

Continued Support:

Macrack has a strong client support network, and we make sure that we focus on giving all companyies with genuine Macrack systems superior support in order for them to maintain a safe work environment. That’s why we continue to support Endeavour, especially with a great focus on their people.

Endeavour Foundation also operates training organisations and employment agencies that offer specialised transition to work programs, work placements and apprenticeships to enable you to experience working life before deciding whether supported employment or open employment is the best fit for you