Warehouse Relocation & Racking Installation - Furnlink Case Study

Furnlink – Warehouse Relocation & Racking Installation

Furnlink is one of Australia’s leading wholesalers of quality hospitality furniture. Furnlink provide an exclusive range of quality-made chairs, barstools, tables, and more to Australian retailers. Servicing distributors Australia wide, Furnlink deliver to Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia, Tasmania, and The Australian Capital Territory.

As Furnlink has grown in size over the years, their storage needs have also grown as the amount of stock they hold increases. As Furnlink stock predominantly large and cumbersome products, they found that the most efficient storage solution for their inventory was raised storage areas, or mezzanine floors.

Due to Furnlink’s consistent growth, their storage system had been added to again and again over the years resulting in a number of small, independent mezzanine floors dotted throughout their main warehouse.

When they had finally outgrown their warehouse, Furnlink called Macrack to help plan their new warehouse space.

Warehouse Relocation

Warehouse Relocation & Racking Installation

Macrack’s warehouse mezzanine floors are demountable structures that can be broken down into component format and relocated. This made it easy for Furnlink as they were able to take all of the mezzanine floors that they had installed at their old premises with them to the new warehouse, saving them money.

Essentially, we decided that we would merge all of the smaller independent mezzanine floors to make them into one large, open floor area.

First, we took down the existing mezzanine floors and relocated them to the new premises. We then installed them in new configuration that suited the new building. This saved Furnlink a huge amount of money by reusing the mezzanine floors that they already had, leaving room in the budget to further increase their storage capacity by adding more onto the floors.

warehouse mezzanine floors bundaberg

Installing New Furniture Racks

In addition to the relocated mezzanine floors, we also installed brand new furniture racks at Furnlink’s new premises to store even more furniture!

Furniture racks are essentially pallet racking with timber shelves. This allows for the side-by-side storage of larger items such as couches, chairs, tables, and desks, without having to store each product on pallets.
Furniture racks are even more effective when using a stock picker as staff are able to go up with the machine and pull furniture on or off of the racking system. This saves space in the warehouse because you are storing bulky items vertically above each other, and not wasting floor space.

Macrack can manufacture all of our furniture racks locally at our Brisbane manufacturing facility. This means that we can custom make furniture racks to suit your specific requirements (including height, number of levels, and depth) to maximise the storage capacity of your warehouse.

Custom Storage Solutions – Australia Wide

Warehouse Mezzanine Floors Ipswich

Macrack offers custom storage solutions Australia wide. Each of our warehouse mezzanine floors is custom-made to suit the specific requirements of the building. In fact, we laser measure the whole building, taking note of each column, access point, roller door, and wall, as well as roof height.

This enables us to manufacture a mezzanine floor that is specifically designed to fit the building, cutting the floor in and around each column, and with accurately sized beams to maximise floor space without wasting any room.

If you need quality, custom made storage solutions that are designed for your warehouse and product range, you can’t go past Macrack. We offer Australian made pallet racking systems at a competitive price, and with a lifetime guarantee for your peace of mind. Call Macrack today on 1800 048 821 and we’ll meet you onsite for a free quote and measure of your warehouse.