How To Maximise Productivity In A Cold Storage Warehouse

How To Maximise Productivity In A Cold Storage Warehouse

How To Maximise Productivity In A Cold Storage Warehouse

In order to maximise the return on investment from your cold storage warehouse it’s important to take into consideration how the cold temperature of your storage environment will affect your equipment, workers, and storage system.

Effect On Equipment

Cold storage conditions can cause equipment to deteriorate and slow down more quickly than it would when used in normal temperatures. In fact, exposure to low temperatures can even reduce the battery life of forklifts and other manual handling equipment.

In order to reduce the effect of cold storage temperatures on your warehouse equipment you will need to ensure that all equipment is adequately sealed, waterproofed and equipped for use in extreme conditions. This guards against condensation build ups that can cause damage to unprotected equipment.

Additionally, all forklifts and other manual handling equipment used in cold storage should be regularly inspected and serviced by a professional. This will ensure that your equipment remains in prime working condition, and that any issues are identified and addressed promptly to prevent further damage, major equipment repair, or unexpected equipment breakdowns.

Effect On Workers

Working in cold temperatures can also affect the productivity of workers. This is because the cold environment causes workers to become cold and uncomfortable, resulting in a slower work rate. The uncomfortable environment can also affect morale and cause workers to become agitated more easily.

Additionally, cold working conditions can affect worker accuracy as it reduces attention spans. This causes an increase in errors, further reducing productivity and resulting in a higher risk of forklift collisions, product, and racking damage.

In order to minimise the impact of cold temperatures on the productivity and accuracy of your workers, invest in quality thermal uniforms for use in cold storage areas and consider installing pallet racking protection.

Effect On Storage System

As cold working temperatures can cause an increased rate of error, the follow on effect on storage equipment is increased collisions, damage, and even risk of racking collapse. Consequently, pallet racking protection is a must in cold storage warehouses.

There are a wide range of pallet racking protection products, designed to suit different types of pallet racking systems and warehouse operations. In addition to pallet racking protection, it’s important that your pallet racking system is also durable and built to last in the extreme conditions of cold and freezer storage.

Scheduling regular professional pallet racking inspections will also help to minimise the risk of severe damage to your racking that could lead to damaged products and even a racking collapse. During each inspection the auditor will identify any damage to the racking system and provide recommendations on whether or not repairs are needed to maintain structural integrity, ensuring the safety of your team and inventory.

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