3 Ways Pallet Racking Can Help Grow Your Business

3 Ways Pallet Racking Can Help Grow Your Business

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A quality made and professionally designed pallet racking system can be used to increase storage capacity, improve warehouse processes and boost productivity. There are many different types of pallet racking systems available, designed to suit any warehouse and inventory. From high density racking systems used to maximise storage capacity in a limited space, to specialty product racks such as cable, carpet and sheet racking.

A pallet racking system that is specifically designed for your warehouse and product range can not only increase storage capacity, it can even help to grow your business.

3 Ways Pallet Racking Can Help Grow Your Business

1) Increase Storage Capacity

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A common hurdle to a growing business is running out of storage space. Storing more product than your storage system can handle can disrupt warehouse operations and negatively impact productivity due to an unoptimised use of space.

Warehouses are often built with high ceilings to allow for ample light and airflow throughout the building. Pallet racking allows you to make use of this vertical space by creating safe and secure pallet storage from floor to ceiling. Alternatively, a warehouse mezzanine floor can increase storage capacity by making use of vertical space while simultaneously creating additional floor space above your existing racking system. 

In fact, there are a wide range of different pallet racking systems that can be used to make the most of any unused space in your warehouse, from the vertical space above your storage system to deep recesses or corridor-like areas where standard storage systems cannot be used.

Installing a quality pallet racking system that has been designed to meet the needs of your inventory and warehouse processes can increase the storage capacity of your warehouse and streamline processes for maximum efficiency. This allows you to make full use of all of the warehouse space at your disposal – even outdoor space. Additionally, choosing a racking system that can be rearranged and added to as your business evolves will ensure that your warehouse continues to run smoothly as your business grows.

2) Reduce Product Damage

Pallet racking systems can also be used to ensure that your products are securely stored, reducing the risk of product damage while in storage. This is particularly important for warehouses with bulky, hard to store products that can easily become damaged during the storage process. 

Installing a storage system that is specifically designed for the size and type of products you carry will help to protect your inventory and reduce product damage, improving your bottom line. 

Additionally, installing pallet racking protection can further reduce the risk of damage to your inventory as it provides an extra barrier of protection. With a quality made pallet racking system and pallet racking protection products there will be significantly less risk of damaged or destroyed products  when forklift collisions occur than there would be if the pallets were stacked on the floor.

3) Reduce Labour Hours

Another way that pallet racking can be used to help grow your business is by reducing labour hours.

Pallet racking systems come with a range of benefits from increasing storage to improving warehouse processes and boosting productivity. In fact, some pallet racking systems can even be used to reduce labour hours, such as the pallet flow racking system with automated product rotation. 

Rather than having workers constantly rotating stored pallets to ensure that older products don’t get stuck at the back of the racking system waiting to expire, a pallet flow racking system facilitates automated stock rotation.

In a pallet flow racking system, pallets are loaded into the back of the system onto an industrial poly track set on incrementally lowered beams. This allows pallets to automatically “flow” forward towards the front of the system. Pallets are then picked from the front of the system which ensures that the first pallet loaded into the system is also the first pallet taken out (FIFO). As this process is fully automated, workers are not required to manually rotate stock, reducing labour hours and improving your bottom line.

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