Maximise Cable Reel Storage With Macrack Cable Racking

If you’re looking for a way to organise your warehouse with bulk cable reel storage, cable racking is perfect the solution.

What Is Cable Racking?

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Cable racking is designed to effectively store cable reels of all different weights and sizes. In a cable rack, cable drums are stored horizontally with a steel rod placed through the centre of the drum. This allows for the cables to be easily accessed and unwound when pulled on whilst stored in the rack.

This racking system tends to be designed for cables to be mechanically lifted into place, however, there are also cable racks that can be manually loaded. Utilizing the frame of a standard pallet racking system, cable racking is a durable storage system suitable for the storage of cable drums ranging from 10 kg to 2800 kg.

Cable racking is the ideal storage solution for all kinds of cable drums. Not only will cable racking increase the storage capacity of your warehouse by getting the heavy cable drums off of the ground and safely stored in a rack. It can also improve organisation and productivity as cable reels in the rack can be easily identified and dispensed individually.

Customisable Cable Racks – The MACRACK Difference

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MACRACK offers customisable cable racks that are designed to store your products. Built using pre-galvanised frames that will never rust, you can be confident in the quality and durability of our cable racks. Plus, each new racking system comes with a lifetime guarantee for permanent peace of mind.

Our standard range of cable racks are made with pre-galvanised frames of 3962 mm by 840 mm joined with 5 cross arms of 1000 mm for greater stability and to prevent torsion. However, our cable racks are customisable in height, weight loadings, depths, and number of levels per bay so you can rest assured that we will design the ideal cable rack for your products and warehouse.

We also offer two options for securing the pipe into the racking system depending on the weight of your products. Our lighter weight option is a ‘J’ bracket which is suitable for the storage of drums between 10 and 600 kg where the reel is stored at the front of the system. Alternatively, the ‘G’ bracket sits in the centre of the frame and is suitable for the storage of cable drums weighing up to 2800kg.

Additionally, we employ a separator to hold the cable drum off of the bracket to allow the reel to smoothly unravel for maximum stability, as without this, drums tend to pull to one side than the other as they unwind.

Australian Made Racking – Lifetime Guarantee

Whether you’re storing large drums or small drums, 10 kg drums or 2000kg drums, or all of the above, MACRACK can design the perfect cable rack for your needs. We also have a wide range of other pallet racking and storage systems that can be used in combination with cable racking to organise any warehouse.

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Each racking system we offer is 100% Australian made, built in our local Brisbane manufacturing facility. We use frames of pre-galvanised steel to ensure durability and provide a lifetime guarantee on each new racking system. For quality Australian racking at a great price, look no further than MACRACK. Call us today on 1800 048 821 for a free quote and warehouse design plan.