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Benefits Of Pallet Flow Racking – Ultimate Stock Rotation

Want a warehouse storage system that keeps stock on continuous rotation? Look no further than our Pallet Flow rack that uses the FIFO principle for pallets. This is the next step for pallet racking, having pallets on gravity fed roller tracks allows for pallets to actually roll down into position.

Feed pallets in from the back and like magic they appear at the front, ready for despatch.

You decide how many pallets deep you want to go, how many pallets wide and how many high, then let us design the system you have always wanted.

Pallet Flow Layout Ideas:

  1. Each lane can be dedicated to one product line (Super simple to organise the warehouse).
  2. Each lane can be for one despatching truck (no more searching for all the pallets).

Benefits of Pallet Flow Racking:

Benefits Of Pallet Flow Racking

Ultimate Stock Rotation
In a pallet flow racking system first stock in is the first stock out, so you have constant stock rotation without any thought or worry.

High Density Storage
Pallet flow racking is very condensed pallet storage. Just like drive in racking, this system utilises the most amount of storage compared to warehouse volume.

Reduction of Forklift Movement
This is a hidden benefit of a pallet flow system where the forklift is travelling less distance due to the fact that pallets automatically flow to the front of the system and hence uses less gas and requires less servicing.

Reduction in Man Hours 
Having staff pick from one spot instead of having to travel around the whole warehouse reduces a huge amount of time.

Streamline Orders
Get orders going out much quicker.

Really, the forward flow design of pallet flow racking makes the whole distributing and despatching process much easier.

Gone are the days when pallets sat still, it’s time for an uprising, it’s time for them to move!

How the system works;

We create a racking system where beams are on a constant step down pitch from back of the rack towards the front. We then place industrial poly track onto the beams which create a ramp for the pallets to sit on. Spaced throughout the racking system is a series of slowing brakes to prevent the pallet from gaining too much momentum.

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As you load the pallets from the back they roll down the tracks perfectly square and stop when they bump into the pallet in front. The pallet second from the front is caught on a latch, which prevents it from moving any further forward. This allows for the very front pallet to be free from the mass of the pallet behind. Once the very front pallet is lifted it engages a mechanism which releases the 2nd pallet. This then moves forward into the front position and the process continues like this again and again.


Food industry:
Perfect to keep stock in constant rotation where the first pallet of goods is the first to go out, without a doubt! This FIFO principle generates reassurance that nothing is forgotten.

Beverages Industry:
Having many pallets of the same stock in this system allows readily despatched locations for your pallets. Instead of having forklifts and they drivers going all around the warehouse, all your product is contained in one area.

Manufacturing industry:
When you are making items that require a constant feed of raw goods, this system allows a great continuous run of materials, preventing stoppages or backing up.