The Dangers Of Used Pallet Racking - Protect Your Bottom Line

The Dangers of Used Pallet Racking

Many warehouse managers consider purchasing used pallet racking to cut costs. However, the lower cost of used racks is the one and only benefit of choosing used racking over new pallet racking. Buying used pallet racking is a gamble that puts you at risk of losing more money than you saved when purchasing the racks.

This is because, without knowing the history of the racks, whether they were misused, used outdoors, etc. there is always the possibility of damage to one or more components of the racking system. A rack with structural damage will not be able to hold the maximum load it was designed to carry, which means normal use of the rack could result in a racking collapse. Not only can this cause damage to your inventory, equipment and warehouse, there is also the potential for serious worker injuries.

In short, when you buy used pallet racking you run the risk that parts of the rack may already be damaged, the subsequent risk of injury to your workers, and there is no guarantee on the quality of the product. Are you willing to take the risk?

Risk of Damaged Parts

As mentioned above, when you buy used pallet racking, you run the risk that there may be defects or weak points in the rack caused by previous misuse.

Even if the racking system appears to be in good condition, there could be hidden damage compromising the structural integrity of the racks. For example, if the racking was previously stored outside, there may be rust inside the beam that is not visible from the outside. As a result, the weight capacity of the racks will be significantly less than displayed on the weight-loading signs.

Similarly, if the racks have previously been overloaded, there may be structural damage to the beams. This means that even if the beams are loaded in accordance with the manufacturer’s provided weight limits, they may still fail due to previous damage, resulting in a racking collapse.

Risk Of Injury To Workers

The Dangers Of Used Pallet Racking

As an employer, you have a duty of care obligation to your employees. Purchasing and installing pallet racking that is not compliant with the Australian industry standards can not only cost you money, you may also face serious legal consequences if you are found to be compromising the health and safety of your staff members.

By choosing to install a second hand racking system with no guarantee on quality, you are putting your workers at risk of serious injury.

No Quality Guarantee

Most used racks are sold as is, with no quality guarantee. This means that if there are any defects or problems with the rack, you are left to repair them on your own dime, which may end up costing more than you saved by purchasing used racks. Even if the racks are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, if any changes or modifications have been made to the racks before you purchased them, the warranty will no longer be valid.

Additionally, buying from a third party rather than the racking manufacturer means that you may not be getting a genuine product. As a result, there will be no guarantee on the quality of the product. This also means that if your racks require parts or repairs in the future, the company that built the racking may no longer even be around to supply them.

Designed For A Specific Product & Configuration

Finally, new racking is often designed for a specific product range and purpose. This means that warehouses that purchase new pallet racking can have their racks designed to maximise the storage capacity for their specific products, installed in a configuration that ideally suits their warehouse processes.

Conversely, installing a used racking system means that your requirements are skewed to fit the design of the racks. This can significantly reduce the storage capacity and productivity of your warehouse and end up costing more in productivity than you saved on the cost of used racks.

Customised Pallet Racking at Affordable Prices

Macrack manufactures customised pallet racking systems at affordable prices. Built locally at our Brisbane manufacturing facility, our pallet racking is Australian made and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Many of our racks are customisable in length, depth, and height. This means that we can build you a racking system specifically designed to maximise storage in your warehouse based on your individual products and warehouse processes.

Don’t risk the reputation and future of your business on second hand pallet racking. Macrack offers customised pallet racking with short lead times, and a lifetime guarantee to give you peace of mind. Call us today on 1800 048 821 for a free quote and warehouse design plan.