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Food Grade Pallet Racking – Weis Ice Creams

Weis – ‘It’s the taste on everyone’s lips’.

Weis is an iconic Australian company, making delicious ice creams that every Australian has fond memories of eating on a hot summer day. Being a genuine Queensland manufacturer known for top quality product, Weis shares the same core values as Macrack. Striving to innovate, and making the best quality whilst remaining a proud Queensland Manufacturer.

About Weis

“Weis was founded in Toowoomba, Queensland, in 1957. At Weis our products are based on recipes, so the focus is on the subtle blending of real ingredients and ultimately the taste. After you’ve eaten a Weis product our aim is to leave you feeling surprised and delighted with the real taste of the wonderful natural ingredients that we use.”

Industrial Freezer Storage

Storing pallets in a freezer or cold room is much the same as in ambient temperature, however, there are environmental factors that should be considered.

Noise, touch, sight, and space awareness are all reduced in a freezer. This is because of the noise from the blowers, cold temperatures, and lower (unnatural) light. What this means is that freezer or cold room racking needs to have extra rack protection. It’s foolhardy to think ‘our drivers are better’ or ‘that won’t happen to us’.

Weis from the outset took this sound advice on board and they have reaped the long term benefits of having extra protection. These benefits for the company mean substantially less repairs needed, less down time, and less disruption to operations.

Food Grade Pallet Racking

In an industry where you handle food, consumables, produce etc, it’s imperative that you have racking that doesn’t contaminate, leach, flake or rust. Macrack made the decision over 20 years ago to ONLY produce a pre-galvanised frame as part of our quality standard. This means that if you buy Macrack you are already ahead of the competition with your frames being galvanised.

This eliminates the wear and tear of the frames paint flaking or rusting. It’s a clean finish with the galvanising inside the actual steel. It’s a simple idea, with massive cost benefits.

Australian Made Pallet Racking

Food Grade Pallet Racking

Like Weis being a proud Toowoomba manufacturer, Macrack is a proud Brisbane Manufacturer. Throughout the years Macrack has been servicing Weis with pallet racking to accommodate their ever expanding business, and helping to maintain the racking to ensure warehouse safety. Although we are 1.5hrs drive away, our manufacturing facility is also only 1.5hrs away. So if there is damage to any of the racking, it’s not a big deal to carry out repairs and they aren’t waiting for product to be shipped over which takes up to 13 weeks.

13 weeks Vs 1.5 hrs.

That’s why people choose Macrack – it’s an Australian company that offers genuine Australian service and care.

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