Pallet Racking For Cold Rooms & Freezers

Optimising the storage capacity of a warehouse is an important consideration for most every industry. However, maximising storage is particularly important for companies in food or pharmaceutical industries that use cold storage rooms.

There are three main factors to consider when installing pallet racking in a cold room or freezer: the effects of the lower temperature on the racking system, the effects of the lower temperature on the warehouse workers, and maximising the storage capacity of the space.

Pallet Racking In Low Temperatures

Most people think that the low temperature of a cold room or freezer would be the most critical factor when it comes to choosing and installing a pallet racking system. But this is not the case as steel is only minimally affected by the low temperature.

However, the cooler environment of a cold storage room means that there is a much higher chance of condensation and moisture accumulating on the pallet racking system. Obviously, because a pallet racking system is made from steel, moisture on the racking can cause the steel to rust. Rust can undermine the structural integrity of the racking system and can lead to racking collapse, damaged and lost inventory, and even staff injuries.

That is why it is important, when installing pallet racking in a cold room or freezer, to ensure that the system is designed to withstand low temperatures. Choose a pallet racking manufacturer that uses galvanised steel to ensure that the system will never rust.

MACRACK manufactures all of our pallet racking systems with galvanised steel frames as standard, for frames that will never rust. For a customised cold storage solution at a competitive price call 1800 048 821 today.

Working In Low Temperatures

Pallet Racking For Cold Rooms & Freezers

Another factor to consider when installing pallet racking in a cold storage room is how working in a cold room can affect the workers. Not only will the reduced temperature of the cold room affect workers, it is generally also enclosed, noisy, and dark, all of which should be taken into consideration when choosing a pallet racking system.

The cooler conditions of a cold room can cause both fatigue and a reduction in sensory perception. Essentially, working in these conditions means that the racking system is likely to take a lot more damage, due to the reduced concentration of the workers. This means that it is important to consider adding additional protection to a pallet racking system installed in a cold room or freezer.

Without racking protection the pallet racking system is exposed to much more damage than the same pallet racking system would be in a standard warehouse. This is a result of the sensory deprivation and reduced concentration of the workers.

MACRACK have a wide range of pallet racking protection available to suit any type of racking system.

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Maximising Storage Capacity

Arguably the most important factor to consider for cold room storage is maximising your storage capacity. The cost of cold room storage is significantly greater than storage in a standard room. This makes it even more important to maximise the storage capacity of your cold room to ensure that every inch of the space is used.

Double deep pallet racking and drive in pallet racking are both high density storage systems ideal for use in cold rooms. Double deep racking allows for products to be stored two pallets deep, doubling the storage capacity of a selective pallet racking system with the same number of aisles.

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Similar to double deep racking, drive in pallet racking maximises storage capacity through high density storage. Conversely, drive in racking eliminates the need for aisles altogether as pallets can be loaded and unloaded from the front of the system or by driving into the system. This makes drive in pallet racking ideal for use in cold storage rooms as the majority of the floor space is used to store pallets without the need for aisles.

However, both drive in and double deep pallet racking systems are best suited to storing low differentiation product ranges as not all pallets are immediately accessible in these systems. The most efficient use of these systems would be to store a single product type in each location to reduce confusion or misplacement and improve warehouse operations.

MACRACK have been manufacturing pallet racking systems for over 30 years. Our pallet racking systems are made from cold rolled steel with pre-galvanised frames for durable racking and frames that will never rust.

Pallet Racking Lifetime Guarantee

Each pallet racking system we manufacture comes with a lifetime guarantee so you can rest assured that your pallet racking is built to last.

If you’re looking to optimise the storage capacity of your warehouse or cold room call MACRACK today on 1800 048 821 for a custom storage solution. We can even come out to your site and measure your warehouse for free to create a plan layout.

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