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Teys Australia – Cold Room Warehouse Storage & Racking

As one of Australia’s primary beef producers and abattoirs, Teys Australia has long stood as a beacon of quality in the livestock and food industry. The Teys family members values underpin a reputation that is second to none.

“The Teys family has been involved in the Australian beef industry since 1946, when four Teys Brothers formed a partnership that was involved in wholesaling and retailing meat in South East Queensland. The family has grown its business to become the second largest meat processor and exporter in Australia.“

Teys Aust

Cold Room Storage and Racking

When your warehouse is a cold room or freezer, there are additional factors you must consider when organising or deciding on pallet storage. You may think foremost that temperature is a critical factor, but shockingly it’s not, the steel is only minimally affected by the temperature. The main item to consider is the ‘environment’. Cold rooms are enclosed, noisy and dark, it’s critical to ensure that these problems are addressed because these issues may lead to fatigue and reduction in sensory perception.

When Teys asked Macrack to fit out their warehouse, these are the first issues we looked at. We knew that without addressing these issues first, the warehouse racking would be subject to continued damage, not because of the racking, but because the storemen would have reduced concentration and sensory deprivation.

Cold Room Warehouse Storage & Racking

Drive in Racking

Teys uses drive in Racking Systems, throughout their various locations. This system of racking is great for when you have masses of the same product being produced or stored. In the Teys case, they store pallets of meat, based off what type of ‘cut’ it is. Each cut of meat has its own aisle, and each level relates to a time frame pertaining to when the meat was processed. So, from a staff point of view it allows a quick and easy system to locate product.

Cold Room Racking

Rack Protection

Teys asked Macrack to specifically look at the floor guide channel, to see if we could boost the protection it gave to the racking system. The main issue stood with the front protection bollard, where Teys had previously experienced large amounts of damage resulting in great costs to the company in order to repair it.

Macrack listened to Teys and studied how the drivers used the racking system. With everyone’s input we devised a special type of removable and sacrificial bollard which would sheer when impacted over a certain force, but would still be more solid then a typical bollard.

Tests and modifications were made to the prototypes, including additional anchor points to prevent lift, cost streamlining and further modifications based off Teys feedback.

Servicing rural Australia.

Teys has key locations all over Australia, most of which are rural in geography. Macrack has a distinct and solid relationship with Australian famers and rural producers, and hence we strongly support and help these industries where ever we can. Teys is no exception with our staff frequently travelling around the country providing support and maintenance on all their racking systems.

If you need advice on cold room racking and storage or need some custom items to specifically suit your racking system. Call Macrack, their design and engineering department will be happy to help and aren’t afraid to tackle any problem.

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