The Macrack Difference - Pallet Racking & Warehouse Storage

The Macrack Difference – Quality Pallet Racking

Pallet racking or rack as such, is designed and installed by Macrack to store palletized materials or any product in horizontal alleys or rows with numerous levels.  Creating and highly functional warehouse depending on your warehouse and how to best utilise the space.

Macrack is equipped with 5 roll forming machines which enables our experienced sales team to design and customize all pallet racking needs. These machines allow Macrack to roll all lengths of beams and frames, specifically to suit your product! This is the Macrack difference, and why we are so successful.  Check out the Video online to see our manufacturing plant.

Customised Solutions On Your Doorstep

Pallet racking is a general term used for a vast variety of Macrack racking available to our clients. If it’s a high turnover of product or simple storage cleanup, Macrack can easily facilitate with all components manufactured and kept in stock at all times.

Truck with pallet racking
Macrack Pallet racking Truck

The great advantage Macrack has is the ability to fabricate these racks to suit the customer, with odd shaped goods to store, or unique lengths and weights. Talk to Macrack about your product and the sales staff will be able to create a solution to suit your needs.

The advantage of manufacturing here in Brisbane, Queensland allows you, the customer to have a contribution in the way you want it stored and a one stop shop for all repairs or extensions done in the future. We don’t have to wait for stock to come from overseas, which almost all competitors do, so you can move in quicker and start operating without delay.

Often pallet racking and other storage solutions are not hand in hand.  Macrack also offers storage solutions in stillage cages that are designed to suit your needs and made stackable to consume less of your floor space.  Pick up, move and stack your stillage’s, put them on trucks and store them in racking. Macrack can custom make stillage’s for you allowing a plethora of options and only limited by your imagination.

Secure Warehousing To Put Your Mind At Ease

What about valuable stock?  Macrack can design a lockable areas where you can feel safe that only trusted employees can enter.  We call these warehouse cages, and often clients use these as a way to prevent theft. We attached mesh of perforated sheet steel to the racking system and install a lockable gate. You can access these areas on a fork truck or just as a picking area.

Warehouse Staff
Macrack Installers

Macrack will go the extra mile to make sure your expensive floor space is utilised to its full potential. We offer a free design service to explore your warehouse layouts, and can show you your new future warehouse in 3D CAD

Our manufacturing facility in Mansfield, Brisbane offers a diverse range in all aspects of the term pallet racking, from simple to complex layouts and floor designs.  Ask our highly qualified staff for some option so you can feel safe that you get the right layout for you.

Macrack is ready and willing to assist you.  No project too small or large for our experienced team.

Macrack has and will continue to manufacture all your pallet racking requirements right here in Australia. Call us on 07 3343 9788 and talk to the experts.