What is a Racking Audit and who can conduct them?

What is a Racking Audit and who can conduct them?

Under the Australian Standards for Steel Storage Racking AS4084-2023

Section 8.2 Inspections

“Inspections shall be carried out on a regular basis, and at least once every twelve months.”

The items that will be inspected relate to safe practice and operating procedure, as well as examining any damage or defects that the racking system has sustained. These all relate back to the standards where there is a margin of tolerance to deem if an item is acceptable or unacceptable.

A rack Safety Audit or Rack Inspection should always be conducted by a competent person. We at Macrack have the opinion that although your warehouse manager might be highly competent at his/her job, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they understand the full engineering of a racking system, nor are able to determine the difference of brands or damage. For this reason we suggest that you use an professional service from the racking manufacturer like the one we offer.

What is a Racking Audit and who can conduct them

Why Get a Racking Audit?

Warehouse racking can be subject to all kinds of stresses and regular damage. Having your racks inspected by a professional can give you a detailed report of:

  • The racks condition,
  • Highlight any damage that you may or may not be aware of,
  • Provide a list of items that need to be addressed,
  • Inform you and your staff of issues that could be serious in nature.
  • Provide a items list of what needs to be fixed.
  • Ensure that the rack is being used properly
  • Ensure that the rack is not over loaded.

Who Should get a Racking Inspection?

You should get your racking inspected by a competent person. There are a lot of “Cowboys Inspectors” that provide a service that actually goes against the standards. We strongly suggest that you contact the manufacture of your racking system as they are the only ones allowed to give weight loadings (under the standards).

How Often Should I get Pallet Racking Inspected?

Every warehouse should have their racks inspected on a regular basis, under the standard it is every twelve months that this should be carried out.

Whom can certify my pallet racking?

Under the Australian Standard AS 4084 : 2012, Only the racking manufacturer can give weigh loads on the racking system. Therefore if you have a third party who claims that they can give weight loadings, you are putting yourself at risk.

Pallet Racking Inspection Misconceptions

Q. Can I conduct the inspection myself?

A. Yes, but you must make yourself familiar with the standards, and you should have a high level of competency and knowledge (when it comes to pallet racking)

Q. Does the standard refer to all types of racking?

A. No, AS 4084 only refers to “Pallet Racking”. Although other types of warehouse storage system may be made of the same materials, this standard specifically targets pallet racking.

Q. Workplace health and safety can’t shut us down.

A. Yes they can! If you have workplace health and safety look through your warehouse and they find problems with the rack, you generally only have a couple weeks to get it repaired. So don’t waste time, get the issues fixed.

Q. Can I fix the damage myself?

A. Yes, but once again make sure you know all the rules and regulations stated in the standards as well as manufacturers best practice. However, never adjust beam levels or make design changes without consulting the manufacturer.

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