A Recent Testimonial From One Of Our Industry Partners

At Height 4 Hire, we supply access equipment to those around South East Queensland who seek lifting solutions. This equipment comes in the form of scissor lifts, boom lifts, knuckle booms and fork lifts. Predominately, Height 4 Hire work alongside those workers in the building and construction industry, ranging from Electricians to Roofing, to Fire Installations.

Over the eight years of existence, Height 4 Hire have had the chance to deal with many different companies across this industry, and learnt about their business. One company we have had the pleasure to work with is Macrack, a pallet racking Manufacturing and Installation Company in Brisbane.

Over this time, we have experienced the professionalism and reliability of each worker at Macrack. Our office and field staff members who deal with Macrack employees (on a daily or weekly basis), have nothing but positive experiences. The people at Height 4 Hire and Macrack know each other by name, which is the kind of working relationship you want with your customers (or suppliers). It has formed a certain trust and reassurance between the two companies, mutually benefitting off one another. We know any piece of equipment we hire out to Macrack will be returned in great condition.

After working alongside Macrack since 2010, we can confirm the importance and commitment Macrack place on quality, safety and excellence. Like Height 4 Hire, Macrack are one of the most trustworthy companies in their respective industry of pallet racking. This quality and trust transfers through their warehouse design, industrial shelving, pallet racking, storage units and warehouse protection. Further to this, both Mackrack and Height 4 Hire place high safety standards as one of the most important service offerings.

Although a company based in Brisbane, Mackrack travel right across Australia for their customers, and have worked on projects for such companies as; Arnott’s, USG Boral, Harvey Norman and Mitre 10. Macrack’s ability to design and custom make warehouses and pallet racking systems, makes them perfect for projects with warehouse restraints (working around Health & Safety standards, or odd-shaped physical spaces). An example of this, is Macrack’s work for Arnott’s warehouse in Virgina, Qld, which warehouse’s space is high quality and fit to last.

While Height 4 Hire are ‘safely taking you to new heights’, Macrack have ‘a reputation as solid as their racking solutions’. Employees at Height 4 hire will not hesitate to recommend Macrack for any warehouse design or pallet racking jobs needed, knowing the attention to detail, strong drive and quality of Macrack’s service makes them the most reliable, trustworthy and safest in the industry.

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