E-Commerce Warehouse Racking and Storage – Splosh Case Study

During the late 90’s Kim and Michael had a dream of making and selling their own giftware. Initially in the garage of their Brisbane home, they would cut, paint and assemble all week to have enough product to for their market stalls on the weekend.

e-commerce warehouse racking & StorageThe fairs and markets gave them the confidence that they were onto a winning recipe and had strong a consumer base. Compared to nowadays the sales were not that much and it took them a lot longer to fill orders. In the early days it would take six weeks to fill the orders from their garage production line. Today, Splosh’s streamlined warehouse management system can dispatch the same volume in less than two hours.

The start of the 2000’s saw Splosh grow out of the garage and into commercial premises. Starting with an 150m2 shed then onto a 500m2 warehouse soon after. Currently Splosh operates out of a 2500m2 DC on Brisbane’s southside, but have had to upgrade again in order to create more space and grow even more!

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Throughout this growth of the company Macrack has been there helping out Kim and Michael, in the early days supplying timely advice, and as they move and grow into bigger and better premises we have been there supporting them, supplying pallet racking and warehouse solutions. Macrack has focused on their warehouse storage capacity and utilising their existing racking to grow without needing to continually buy new racking.

In the southside facility Splosh took the option of slowly growing over a 5 year period, they could do this little by little to suit their steady growth with the Macrack pallet racking. Starting out with only a 30-50 pallet spaces and moving up to a couple hundred. It’s the ability to add-on additional frames and beam in the Macrack system that is so handy and versatile.

Furthermore, because we stand by our product and its lifetime guarantee, we will recertify our racking. Many other companies won’t do this because they change the style of frame every so often, leaving you with racking that no longer supported and uncertified. Not to mention that you won’t be able to buy any more of that same style from the manufacturer.

Pallet Racking

It’s this ability to be able to grow the racking system that is the success of Splosh’s warehouse storage. The pallet racking has provided a perfect platform for increasing stock levels whilst not costing the world.

Splosh currently employs over thirty staff dedicated to designing, selling and delivering great homewares and giftware. Their latest venture sees them moving to a new state of the art facility that stores over 3000 pallet locations, so we should soon see that staff number rise. Although the new facility is grand and a massive leap in size they have been able to re-use their existing racking which in turn minimises the capital expenditure when it comes to the new premise. Essentially allowing them to invest in new product lines, instead of investing in new warehousing.

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This story of growth is what Macrack cherishes, and tries to help all its clientele with when they are starting out. From a small shed through to huge warehouses, Macrack is here to support and guide you through the transition. If you need pallet racking like Splosh did, and you see your company growing over the years, give Macrack a call on 1800 048 821.