Pallet Racking Papua New Guinea

Are you trying to find reliable pallet racking for your warehouse in PNG? Macrack can offer to supply and deliver pallet racking to Lae as well as Port Moresby. So if you need warehouse storage, then call Macrack for a free quote.


Macrack is the most trusted brand of pallet racking in PNG, because it’s genuinely Australian made and we don’t rip you off. We have a huge client base both in Lae and Port Morseby, and a great reputation with everyone we have dealt with. Macrack has been manufacturing for over 35 years and with that length of time in operation, you can be sure you are getting a great product.

Clients in PNG


Macrack is located in the Nestle facility, where we have put 8m high racking that stores 6 pallets high. We have focused on making this the most efficient warehouse layout as well as ensuring its seismically rated to reduce the potential of collapse. Both large and small companies choose Macrack because of the outstanding quality.

Pallet Racking Papua New Guinea pallet racking port moresby

Express Freight Management

Utilising a huge ‘Drive In rack’, Express Freight Management can store a mass amount of pallets in a very well organised manor. With operations running 24/7 they need a rack that is strong and able to withstand the daily operations.

Pacific Petroleum

Storing a vast array of goods, Pacific Petroleum chose Macrack pallet racking because of its sterling reputation and the understanding that the service and quality is far superior to anything else they could use. Filling up a full 40 foot shipping container, we were able to rack out the full warehouse with the greatest of ease.

Total Food Network

When handling food and consumables, you need to rely on your racking to not contaminate the food. Total Food Network has used Macrack throughout Australia, and they chose Macrack again for their Port Moresby warehouse facility as they knew that they needed the same quality of warehouse storage.

drive in pallet racking png

Great Quality.

Our racks are made from pre-galvanised steel, which means they don’t rust even in extremely humid conditions. Therefore, you can be certain that if you put Macrack pallet racking up, you won’t need to worry about the frames rusting.

The beams can take a huge amount of weight, generally we say 1000kg Per pallet but we can go up to 3000kg per pallet if you really need. You just let us know and we will make sure you get exactly the right solution for your storage needs.

Earthquake Rated.

Due to seismic zoning in PNG, we rate our pallet racks to be capable of withstanding earthquakes and seismic activity. This is essential for the region to make sure your racks don’t get knocked over during an event and Stay Classy.


If you need high quality, reliable warehouse storage and pallet racking Papua New Guinea that is earthquake rated, call Macrack today on 07 3343 9788.

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