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Anti-Dumping Laws – Industry Update

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There have been some exciting new changes in the Australian pallet racking industry in regards to imported products. As an Australian owned and operated pallet racking manufacturer, MACRACK has been providing quality steel racking to Australian businesses for over 40 Years. However, many Australian racking companies have been affected by cheap imports of steel racking that have been used to undercut the Australian market.

Fortunately, the Australian government has recently introduced new import taxes on steel pallet racking imported from China and Malaysia based on the preliminary findings of an investigation by the Anti-Dumping Commission (ADC) into the dumping of steel pallet racking in Australia. This investigation by the ADC is to protect both Australian manufacturers and the consumer.

What Is Anti-Dumping?

‘Dumping’ is when products exported to Australia are priced lower than the “normal value” of the product in the exporting country*. To prevent dumping from causing material injury to an Australian industry, the Australian government can impose anti-dumping duties. This essentially means that any company importing products at prices below the fair market value are charged an additional fee to protect Australian companies that manufacture similar products.

How Are Anti-Dumping Duties Affecting The Pallet Racking Industry?

On 18 June 2018, the Anti-Dumping Commission (ADC) made a preliminary affirmative determination on their investigation into the dumping of steel pallet racking exported to Australia from China and Malaysia. This means that from 19 June 2018, a ‘security’ fee will be taken on any steel pallet racking imported from China or Malaysia. Once the investigation is complete the ADC will then either convert the securities into anti-dumping duties or cancel them.

What Does This Mean For Australian Manufacturers?

Although the investigation is still underway, the preliminary affirmative determination shows that there is sufficient evidence of steel pallet racking dumping in Australia. This is a great win for Australian pallet racking manufacturers and the consumer as it allows us to provide high quality products at industry competitive prices without being undercut by cheap imported products.

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