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At Macrack we deal with steel day in and day out. It’s our core product and we have to trust our suppliers to get us the best quality steel so we can make the best quality products. So when it comes to steel manufacturers and suppliers we trust Blue Scope as one of our keys suppliers, with their reputation, size and reliability it’s hard to go past such a great Australian company.

So when BlueScope asked Macrack to devise a racking system for their steel coils, we were more than happy to jump at the opportunity.

About BlueScope

Since 1915 BlueScope has been a market leader in the steel manufacturing industry and has been an essential part of

Australia and its economy. BlueScope has built a strong foundation for growth, with a diverse portfolio of businesses in some

of the fastest growing economies of the world. Their range includes (but is not limited to); COLORBOND®,

and ZINCALUME® steels, LYSAGHT® steel building products, and Butler® and Varco Pruden® engineered buildings.


Why BlueScope Chooses Macrack

One of our main spruiking points is based around the quality of steel we use. Macrack uses Bluescope high grade pre-galvanised steel for our uprights, this ensures longevity, as it is resistant to rusting. Therefore you can rest assured that the racking you have will last, unlike other companies who not only use inferior steel but don’t even use galvanised steel. Which means that other racking company’s racking rusts, even in climates that aren’t exposed to the elements.

Customised Storage Solutions

The Bluescope manufacturing plant in NSW was searching for a solution to store their coil upright, instead of on its side. This created a lot of problems for the site, because no-one could handle the weight of the coil, nor design a solution to store the coil in that fashion.

BlueScope Concept Rendering
Concept Rendering of BlueScope Steel Custom Coil Racks

This is where Macrack excels! Clients who need custom products come to us for our engineering excellence. Every problem has a solution, and we are are the experts in solving the problems. Other companies only sell product that is ‘off the shelf’ and cannot customise to suit. But because Macrack manufacture pallet racking, we are able to make and engineer all types of systems.

We designed a 4 beam per level system for storing Bluescopes coils. This ramped up the weight load rating for each shelf, but we had to make sure that these beams sat directly under the coil. We decided that reducing the frame size would give us the capability to do so, without increasing the cost too much.  Previously they used an 8mm plate to shelve the coil, we here at Macrack decided that this was over kill if we were to use 4 beams, so instead we reduced the plate to 3mm considering that it was supported every 500mm. They are truly happy with the result.

Strategic Scope

Macrack hopes to continue developing its systems for clients such as BlueScope, who need help to store their warehouse goods and products. Being a global leader in an industry (such as steel) it is critical to ensure you are confident of your suppliers, and the quality is matched with certain confidence that you are after as a client. Here is where Macrack and BlueScope partner up as a great match, helping each other out with shared interested and related products.

BlueScope is a global leader in premium branded coated and painted steel products – the third largest manufacturer of painted and coated

steel products globally; we have great strengths in engineered steel buildings in key markets, and are number one in building and construction markets.

The Company is committed to deliver value from steelmaking in Australia and New Zealand by remaining cost competitive and continuing to deliver value through the cycle.

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