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Heavy Duty Shelving Brisbane & Australia

Macrack specialises in Heavy Duty Shelving, often referred to as industrial shelving, longspan shelving which are similar to pallet racking or selective racking. Our Industrial shelving is made right here in Queensland, at our manufacturing plant in Mt Gravatt. We are one of the few remaining industrial shelving companies that still manufacture in Australia, unlike other companies who now manufacture overseas. This does not mean that Macrack is more expensive, in fact quite the opposite. We are extremely competitive and can be trusted, with our high quality of steel, unlike other imported product.

Heavy Duty Shelving Brisbane & Australia

Warehouse Storage

Macrack has been manufacturing industrial shelving in QLD for over 30 years, we happily and readily supply all around Australia, for our large client base. Our reputation is based on listening to what our clients need or want and working around that, not forcing unsuited product onto clients.

We work with a vast number of industries, and have great experience in working with various products and items. For instance; Liquids, corrosive material, cold store, explosives, outdoors, furniture, whitegoods, organic material, timber, wood, lumber, conduit, steel cables, sheet steel, copper cables, electronics, refrigeration, meat production, car parts, truck parts, machinery parts, food stuffs, plus a whole lot more.

Racking weight loads

When talking about industrial shelving Macrack can offer various grades of weight loads to accommodate all your needs. From the basic light duty shelving from a couple hundred kilos per level, all the way through to a couple tonne. The variation and configuration is endless in regards to the amount of weight stored, the levels required and configuration of the shelving system.

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Macrack is a proud manufacturer of Queensland industrial shelving systems, and we would be happy to take your call for extra detail on any industrial shelving questions you may have, or to get a free no obligation quote from our sales department.

Macrack National Number1800 048 821

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