E-Commerce Racking & Shelving Case Study - Love Honey

E-Commerce Racking & Shelving – Love Honey Case Study

Love Honey

Macrack Australia has become bed fellows with Lovehoney, fitting out their new Brisbane warehouse with long span shelving. This form of industrial warehouse shelving is perfect for Lovehoney because it allows them to store thousands of boxes of ‘special’ products that need a bit of love and care.


When Lovehoney (a British company) opened their first Australian distribution centre, they asked Macrack if they could fit out their warehouse space to maximise picking capacity and efficiency, all at a minimal cost.

Like most warehouses, Lovehoney’s operations came with its own challenges that needed to be addressed and considered. The biggest consideration was that product was sent from England in shipping containers, this product was individually boxed, and wasn’t on pallets. This removed the possibility of pallet racking and a pallet staging area.  To address this problem a large area had to be set aside in the warehouse to allow for the shipping containers, and then have a further area in front as a ‘staging area’.

The Secondary issue to follow this was all products are in small boxes that were to be unpacked and stored in picking shelving. This meant huge expanses of shelving and vast distances to move or pick product, which in turn has its own issues and complexities.

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What Style of Racking suits your business?

Each business is as different as the next, even in similar fields, business’s operate differently and need solutions to solve their warehouse movement and their warehouses physical constraints.

It’s best to talk to racking experts to discuss your storage needs because there are so many options for you to choose from. In the case of Lovehoney all parties settled on Long Span Shelving as the best option, simply because it provided the most storage at the least cost all accessible from ground picking level.

At love honey we created a grid style layout with full length corridors which optimised the hand picking efficiency. This creates a logical layout system of rack locations for quickly identifying product locations. With the runs labelled alphabetically and bays labelled numerically staff can quickly and efficiently move between locations to find product.

E-commerce racking & shelving Brisbane

Long span Shelving

Long span Shelving is a light weight derivative of pallet racking. Essentially it’s made out of thinner steel, and comes in set widths, and heights. It’s a great alternative to pallet racking because it is so light weight and doesn’t need to conform to pallet racking standards. Furthermore its simple and easy to pick up and move if need be, and it looks great on the showroom floor.

 Longspan QLD

Experts in Racking and Shelving             

If you need to talk to someone about custom or standard solutions for your warehouse, give Macrack a call. We are able to offer a huge range of storage systems that will suit your needs. Don’t waste your time with companies who only want to give you their over stocked product.  Macrack Offers genuine solutions tailored specifically to your warehouse storage needs.

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Storage of very special products

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