Mitre 10 Kawana – Warehouse storage for all Trades

Mitre 10’s brand new trade store at Warana has been fitted out from top to toe with a great array of Macrack Racking and storage systems. Having everything from cement, to treated pine logs, to screws and nails. It’s all stored under one roof located in the centre of Warana, just off Nicklin Way.

Sunshine Coast Mitre 10

Sunshine Mitre10 loves using Macrack, and has used them throughout all their locations. The simple reason is that its strong reliable racking, 100% Australian made, and the service is second to none. When Mitre 10 opens up a new store, they know that the racking is one item that will always be there on time, and is built to last. When you have a system that works, you stick with it.

Mezzanine Floor

When you think floor space in a warehouse, you can often be limited to thinking about the square meterage of the concrete slab inside your walls. But what if you could increase that space without moving any of the walls? Have you thought about a mezzanine floor for your warehouse?

Industrial Pigeon Holes

Our mezzanine floors are pre-fab construction and are really easy to assemble! Because the pallet racking derived mezzanine floor clips together and is a cheap solution to double or even triple your floor space. These floors are fully certified, don’t need council approval as they are demountable and are not part of the building.

Industrial Pigeon Holes

Throughout all Mitre 10 Stores they have industrial pigeonhole racks that store lengths of various sized timber. This makes a huge range of timber easily accessible from ground level.  Often these are incorporated into a Raised Storage Area (also commonly referred to as a Mezzanine). This drastically increases the storage capacity in the warehouse, and is perfect for Mitre10 since they have such a huge range of product that requires utilisation of all available area.

Steel Pigeon Holes

Timber Storage

Mitre 10 is a tradies paradise and when it comes to timber, you have to go where the tradies go. Sunshine Mitre 10 and Warana stores all of its outdoor and bulk timber on cantilever racks. Cantilever racking allows the placement of any length item on the racking system because there is no sides. Essentially creating a huge platform with its cantilever arms, its allows easy access to very cumbersome products.

Timber Storage

Cement Sheet racks

Fibre cement sheet and plasterboard comes in various lengths and sizes which is best stored in ‘Selective sheet racks’. These racks are a pallet racking derived system of storage, where you have two main components, frames (to give height) and beams (to give width). With sheet racking we place ‘Fork entry bars’, onto the top of the beams to give supports to the sheet, preventing it from sagging or drooping. This system of storage also allows the forklift to pick up the packs of sheet directly because there is a gap between the beam and the product.


Macrack is a proud supplier to Mitre 10, and we are excited to hear how the new store at Warana goes.

If you have warehouse storage needs or want to talk about racking your warehouse, Go where the tradies go… MACRACK, Pallet racking and storage system specialists.

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