Optimising Storage Capacity In A Small Warehouse

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Whether you’re just starting out or your warehouse has been operating for years, there is always room to optimise the storage capacity and processes in a warehouse. From ordering in a customised warehouse storage system and optimising your warehouse layout, to installing a warehouse mezzanine floor, there are many steps you can take to increase storage capacity and streamline your warehouse processes.

Macrack is Australia’s leading warehouse storage experts, manufacturing quality pallet racking and shelving for over 35 years. We offer affordable pallet racking systems Australia wide, with short lead times and a lifetime guarantee. Call us today on 1800 048 821 for personalised advice on how to maximise storage capacity in your warehouse.

3 Ways To Maximise Storage In A Small Warehouse

1) Customised Warehouse Storage Systems

The key to maximising storage capacity in any space is choosing the right warehouse storage system. This is particularly important where space is already limited.

Installing a stock standard or second-hand pallet racking system in your warehouse can result in an underutilized use of space. This is because the storage system was designed to be suitable for a wide range of different spaces and inventories, rather than customised for the storage of your products. This will limit the storage capacity of your warehouse and can even hinder worker productivity.

Conversely, installing a warehouse storage system that is specifically designed to suit you inventory, available space, and warehouse processes will ensure that every inch of space is utilised to maximise storage capacity. In fact, a well designed warehouse storage system can significantly increase the number of products that can be stored at one time and can even help to delay the need to relocate as your business grows.

Macrack are your local warehouse storage experts, offering a wide range of racking and shelving solutions, from specialised product storage for carpets, drums, cables, and more, to high density storage systems such as drive in and pallet flow racking. Plus, as our pallet racking systems are manufactured locally in Brisbane, we can provide our customers with customised warehouse storage solutions with short lead times.

For personalised advice on how to maximise storage capacity in your warehouse call us today on 1800 048 821 and ask about our free quote and warehouse design offer.

2) Optimise Warehouse Layout

Optimising the layout of your warehouse can also help to increase storage capacity, boost productivity, and streamline warehouse processes. Designing your warehouse layout based on the products that you receive and ship each month will ensure that you are getting the best use out of your available space, whether your warehouse is big or small.

This includes considering the placement of products based on how often they are accessed to minimise picking times. Additionally, a well thought out warehouse layout based on the specific processes and inventory in your warehouse will also help to keep your warehouse organised to ensure maximum utilisation of space.

3) Install A Mezzanine Floor

While choosing the right warehouse storage system and optimising your warehouse layout can help to increase storage capacity, there is only so much you can do with the limited floor space of a small warehouse. This makes a warehouse mezzanine floor the ideal solution for optimising storage capacity in a small warehouse as it essentially creates new floorspace out of thin air.

Like most industrial buildings, warehouses often have high ceilings, however, pallet racking and other storage systems can only go so high. As a result, there is often a lot of unused space above the warehouse storage system. A warehouse mezzanine floor makes use of this space by creating another level of storage above the existing racking system. In fact, Macrack can even build mezzanine floors to be multiple levels high, ensuring every inch of space in your warehouse is utilised.

Our mezzanine floors can also be used in combination with additional racking and warehouse shelving to significantly increase the storage capacity of your warehouse.

[Click here to see how we increased the floor space in NIOA’s warehouse by the equivalent of an extra 3 football fields with a customised, multi-level mezzanine floor].

Quality Warehouse Storage Solutions Australia

If you’re looking to maximise the storage capacity of your warehouse, Macrack has the solution. From our free warehouse layout design services including coming to your warehouse for a free measure and quote, to quality made pallet racking systems and warehouse mezzanine floors, Macrack is the number one choice for warehouse storage.

Our pallet racking systems are manufactured locally to ensure quality while providing short lead times. In fact, each of our racking systems comes with a lifetime guarantee for your peace of mind. For personalised advice on how best to maximise storage space in your warehouse, talk to one of our pallet racking specialists on 1800 048 821 or fill out our contact form.