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The Risks Of Buying Imported Racks

Steel Quality.

It may seem very technical and more than likely something you will not understand unless you have an engineering degree. But all different brands of racking use different grades, thickness and quality of steel to make their pallet racking. In Australia, the quality of steel is a much higher grade, which in turn means the racking can withstand more force as well as last longer. When you invest your money into racking, would you rather higher quality steel that is going to last? Or low grade steel which is easily damaged?

Furthermore, imported racks use raw steel that is painted, so once they get a scratch they start to rust which affects the racks storage capacity. But Australian made pallet racking is made from pre-galvanised steel which does not rust, due to the galvanising the throughout the steel.

The Risks Of Buying Imported Racks


As a supplier of pallet racking we have seen the situation numerous times where a company has gone with an imported brand of racking, only to call up a couple years later needing to completely replace the whole warehouse because the racks are fatiguing and getting damaged too easily.

We can all recount stories, where a client has decided to save a couple dollars and gone with a cheaper Asian imported rack, only to swallow their pride later on and admit they were wrong. In the long run, it’s cheaper to set up the warehouse with good quality racks that will last a lifetime, and not poor quality racks that need to be replaced every couple of years.

Maintenance & Ongoing Service.

It’s inevitable, your pallet racking will get damaged, no matter how careful you are eventually it will get a ding, a knock or a dent. So when that happens, who are you going to call to repair it? Importers may promise the world, but these companies are often just a flashy website, with no interest in service and no promise they will be around in a couple years.

When you deal with Macrack you deal with the manufacturer who have the bricks and mortar and foundations established to guarantee you that we are here to stay.


Well done! It’s time to expand and grow your company! But wait, the racking we bought can no longer be certified, and the company we bought it off no longer exists. What do you do?

Sorry to disappoint, but you have been caught in an importers trap. Once an importer shuts its doors, your racking essentially becomes redundant and you will need to buy a whole new racking system. But at least next time you know that choosing Australian made is a guarantee that you will be supported on any further expansions.

100% Australian Made Racking – Lifetime Guarantee

Macrack have been manufacturing quality, Australian made pallet racking systems for over 35 years. Each racking system we build is made with frames of pre-galvanised steel that will never rust and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Call us today on 1800 048 821 for a free quote and warehouse design.

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