Use Longspan Shelving To Maximise Productivity In Your Warehouse

Use Longspan Shelving To Maximise Productivity In Your Warehouse

Longspan shelving is a versatile warehouse storage system designed for the storage of small to medium sized products. Using the same frames as a standard racking system, longspan shelving is a more lightweight alternative to pallet racking, with mesh deck shelving used to connect beams providing sturdy product storage.

Typically made from steel, longspan shelving is extremely durable and can be used to store heavy loads. Longspan shelving can be customised in depth, height, and width to house a range of different types of products in varying weights and sizes.

Use Longspan Shelving To Maximise Productivity In Your Warehouse

What Is Longspan Shelving Used For?

Longspan shelving is ideal for warehouses that deal in handpicked items such as small drums, boxes, and larger cartons. The option to customise your shelving systems design in depth, width, and height, makes longspan shelving perfect for storing a wide range of products that are not typically palletised such as fragile, bulky, or irregularly shaped items.

The high product accessibility provided by a longspan shelving system can help to maximise productivity in the picking and storage of products that are small and light enough to be manually handled.

The Advantages Of Longspan Shelving

Customised To Your Needs

Longspan shelving is extremely versatile and can be manufactured to your specifications, with customised depth, width, and height to perfectly suit your needs. Installing a longspan shelving system that has been specifically designed to fit your products, space, and warehouse processes, you can streamline your operations and maximise productivity.

Additionally, longspan shelving can be downsized or added to as needed, allowing your shelving system to grow alongside your business, rather than having to completely replace your storage system once you have outgrown it.

Maximise Storage Capacity

Longspan shelving can be used to increase storage capacity in your warehouse while reducing the risk of damage to products stored in the system. This is because we can design a longspan shelving system that will make use of the available vertical space to increase storage capacity without taking up additional floor space.

Storing products in a longspan shelving system rather than stacking them on the floor ensures that all products are securely stored away from the floor, preventing potential damage from hazards such as overstacking or spills.

As longspan shelving uses a shared frame system where each new bay utilises the same frame as the previous bay, there is no wasted floor space between bays and the system becomes much more cost effective.

High Product Accessiblity

Another benefit of installing a longspan shelving system is that it provides high accessibility for hand picked products. This will help to increase productivity and streamline warehouse processes as less time will need to be spent manually adjusting boxes and products to gain access to specific items.

The high product accessibility of a longspan shelving system makes it ideal for the storage of high differentiation product ranges as all items stored in the shelving system are easily accessible.

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Built To Last

Longspan shelving is a durable storage system that is built to last. Macrack offers a full steel long span shelving system built with durable mesh deck shelving that can take up to 400kg per shelf (UDL), ensuring that your shelving system can withstand the harsh warehouse environment.

We also offer a more heavy duty option of industrial shelving that can be increased to withstand weight loads in the tonnes if needed and comes with a lifetime guarantee for your peace of mind.

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No matter your warehouse storage needs, Macrack has the ideal solution. With a locally based manufacturing facility, we can provide customised warehouse storage solutions Australia wide, without the overseas lead times. Call us today on 1800 048 821 for a free quote and warehouse design.