What Is Push Back Racking?

What Is Push Back Racking?

Push Back Racking Example

Push back racking is high-density racking that works on a gravity-powered inclined track and cart system which can be up to six pallets deep. When loading the racking a standard forklift is used. Each pallet is placed on its own carriage, with the last pallet placed directly on the rail. As a new pallet is added to the system, it pushes the pallet behind further up the track until it is fully loaded. When the front pallet is unloaded from the system, gravity brings the pallets behind to the front (Last In First Out). This improves pallet availability and guarantees a better turnover of your product when compared with drive-in racking. This system is suitable for a wide range of industries. Whether it’s right for your warehouse is determined by the number of pallets stored, required pallet accessibility and product differentiation.

Another great advantage push back racking has against drive-in racking is an allowance for higher product differentiation. In push back racking, each track can have a different product line both horizontally and vertically as the tracks are individually loaded and unloaded. Comparatively, drive-in racking requires the pallets above or below to be removed before the next line of pallets can be accessed.

Push back racking has improved safety compared to drive-in racking, where team members drive down into the system to remove pallets. In a push back racking system all pallets are removed from the front of the system, which is great for OH&S.

what is pushback racking

Key Advantages

Improved pallet accessibility
Improved product turnover
Allows higher product differentiation in a single bay
Improved OH&S compared to drive-in racking

Equipment Required

Standard counterbalance forklift


This system is used by and is suitable for a wide range of industries that require high-density racking.

What Can You Store In Push Back Racking
Palletised products

Macrack Product

The carriages on a push back racking system can be 2-6 pallets deep, and you can have as many across as you like. You can also request your system to incorporate multiple levels. No matter how high, wide or deep your ideal racking system would be, we can tailor the perfect solution for you.

At its core, this is a system designed for warehouses with a large number of similar products. The most effective and logical way to benefit from push back racking is to store identical or similar items in each carriage system/location. This simplifies stock locations, preventing products from getting mixed up or lost.

If you need LIFO racking, call MACRACK on 1800 048 821 for a chat. We can run through the pros and cons of each system and work with you to decide what would suit you and your warehouse best.