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What To Do When You’ve Outgrown Your Warehouse

When you’ve outgrown your current warehouse there are really only two options that will allow you to accommodate the growth of your business without affecting the efficiency and productivity of your warehouse operations: increasing storage capacity in your existing premises, or relocating to a larger premises.

Increasing Storage Capacity In Your Existing Premises

Of the two options, increasing storage in your existing premises is the most cost-effective choice. This is because relocating to a new warehouse comes with a number of financial disadvantages such as:

  • The significant cost of relocating all of your inventory, equipment and storage systems
  • Downtime during the move where your business will not be operating
  • Potential loss of local customers when relocating to a new area

So, the first question to ask yourself when you’ve outgrown your current warehouse is: “Is there room to increase storage?”.

Is There Room To Increase Storage?

In answer to this question, most people will just look around to see if there is any free floorspace in the warehouse. However, when deciding if there is room to increase storage you need to take all of the space in your warehouse into consideration, including air space and outdoor space.

If there’s any way to increase the storage capacity of your warehouse, MACRACK has the perfect solution.

Is there room above your existing racking system?
We can utilise your unused air space to build a warehouse mezzanine floor that could double or triple the floor space of your entire warehouse.

What To Do When You've Outgrown Your Warehouse

Is there room to extend outdoors?
We can help you extend your storage outdoors by installing outdoor racks with pre-galvanised frames that will never rust.

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Is there a racking system better suited to your products and warehouse processes?
We offer a huge range of racking systems suitable for anything from storing carpet to cold room storage. We will help you choose the perfect racking system to maximise product storage and increase productivity.

Warehouse Mezzanine Floors Cairns

Could adjusting warehouse layout add room for additional storage?
MACRACK has been manufacturing and installing pallet racking in Australia for over 35 years, so when it comes to warehouse storage, we’re the experts. We can create an initial warehouse layout design for you at no cost to help you visualise how our racks can maximise the storage of your warehouse.

Unfortunately, in some cases there is just no room to grow making a relocation inevitable.

Relocating To A Larger Premises

When your business is growing steadily, it’s impossible to avoid a warehouse relocation forever. Below are our top tips to get the greatest return on investment from your warehouse relocation.

Take Your Existing Racks

Save money when relocating to a new warehouse by taking your existing racks with you. Most pallet racking can be easily disassembled and relocated. Plus, MACRACK warehouse mezzanine floors are freestanding structures that can also be dismantled and reinstalled at your new warehouse to ensure that you get maximum use out of your investment.

Reconfigure Your Storage Systems

It’s important to note that the layout of your new premises will likely be different to your current one. As your racking configuration was designed for the layout and processes of your current warehouse, it is important to reconfigure your racks at your new premises to maximise storage and streamline warehouse processes in the new space.

MACRACK are your warehouse storage experts. Our experienced technicians can meet you on site and take measurements at no cost to you in order to design the ideal racking layout for your space and products.

Extend Your Pallet Racking

Finally, moving to a larger premises means more floor space. This gives you the opportunity to extend your racking system. Not only will this ensure that you have enough space for your current storage needs, MACRACK can extend your existing racks or install new ones whenever you need it to keep up with your future storage needs.

Have You Outgrown Your Warehouse?

What to do when you’ve outgrown your warehouse? Whether you’re looking to extend your racks, create additional floorspace with a mezzanine, or relocate to a larger premises, MACRACK can help. Our quality made racking and mezzanine floors can be added to, disassembled and relocated to move and grow with your business. Plus, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our racks making them the ideal investment in your business’s future.

Call us today on 1800 048 821 to discuss how we can design the ideal storage system for your inventory and warehouse.

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