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Ullrich Aluminium

For 50 years, Ullrich Aluminium has manufactured and distributed high-quality aluminium products, providing prompt service through development and expertise. The company continues to develop throughout the Australasian markets to maintain its position as a leading aluminium manufacturer.

With multiple Brisbane based warehouses including locations in Northgate and Carole Park, Ullrich trust MACRACK to deliver quality racking solutions at competitive prices.

A-Frame Racking Northgate

Ullrich focuses on superior quality and trust for their customers. These core values are engrained in Australian manufacturers, which is why both Ullrich and MACRACK have strong success based off core products that work, while still focusing on growth and variety.

It is this similarity in ethics that made Ulrich choose MACRACK for their product storage needs. They rely predominantly on an A-frame racking system, designed to maximise extrusion storage and accessibility in their warehouse.
A-Frame Rack Carole Park

Warehouse A-frame

A-Frames Racking

A-frame racking is a system specifically designed for long product to store vertically upright on end. Generally, they are needed to store extrusions or long, narrow-profiled items that have the structural integrity to stand without assistance.

One of the key features of an A-frame rack is the high-density storage capability while still allowing you to access all of your product from ground level. This is extremely useful when handpicking for jobs or needing one-off items as there is no delay or inconvenience of getting a full pack of material down, breaking it open and taking what you need. With this system you simply take what you need from the bulk pack on ground level.

To help segregate different items we provide separators that lock into the racks; this allows easy divisions of the extrusions for maximum storage capability.
A-Frame Rack NSW

Single sided A-frame, Double Sided A-frame

If you’re looking to use some A-frame racking in your warehouse, consider making the most of your warehouse floor space by using single sided A-frame along the walls and double sided A-frame through the centre. Ullrich Aluminium has done this to create convenient aisles in their warehouse.

Our A-frame racking comes in various heights and depths to allow specifically tailored solutions for your warehouse storage needs.

MACRACK can customise a storage solution to best suit your daily operations. Get in touch with the friendly team today to discover a warehouse storage system that works seamlessly for you.
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