Aletek – Pallet Racking Installation

Aletek is a family-owned business that has grown over the past decade to be one of Australia’s most reputable and trusted manufacturers of specialised products that are tailored for the mining, oil and gas, construction, marine and rail sectors. They have established four strategically located state branches to best serve their clients.

Their core products include:

Having a strong focus on design and practical solutions they know that when it comes to warehousing they need to maintain the same principles. Aletek chooses Macrack for their warehousing needs, because both companies share common goals and interests such as:

  • Strong commitment to design
  • Premium quality Australian-made product
  • Focus on practicality
  • Longevity of product

North Queensland Racking Supplier

Macrack Australia is a supplier of pallet racking to all Central and North Queensland cities and towns. We have a strong connection being a Brisbane based manufacturer that we need to support our fellow statesmen and women with great service as well as a proven high-quality product.

We at Macrack service all Queensland towns including (but not limited to):

  • Bundaberg
  • Cairns
  • Gladstone
  • Mackay
  • Rockhampton
  • Townsville

So if you are looking for superior pallet racking in regional Queensland, call Macrack for the best service and the best price.

Selective Pallet Racking

Aletek uses selective pallet racking to store their bulk goods. Stored away nice and neat the warehouse is a well laid out system of racking which ensures stock and product are always put away properly and nothing is ever overlooked.

We settled on a selective pallet racking as the best solution for Aletek’s storage needs as it provides full access to all products stored in the rack. This is ideally suited to Aletek’s operations as they have a range of bulk containers and pallets that need to be stored and accessed individually throughout the day.

Selective pallet racking allows flexibility and visibility of your stock with easy access to each pallet – perfect for when you have a variety of products and product lines that you need to access. This means that when an item runs out there is a quick transition between getting the product down and getting back to work, with minimal disruption.

Initially, Aletek only needed a small amount of racking to accommodate their increased stock. However, since the first installation we have been able to provide more and more racking for Aletek as their needs continue to grow. The initial consultation and installation made it easy for Aletek to call us up any time to order more of the same racking without having to re-explain their requirements, and with the knowledge that the new racks would perfectly marry up with their existing storage.

This makes expanding simple and reduces all confusion while ensuring that Aletek receives the right storage solution for their needs, every time.

Customised Storage Solutions at a Great Price

Macrack has provided customised storage solutions for Aletek and countless other Australian businesses for over 35 years. We pride ourselves on providing quality, Australian made racking and storage systems with a lifetime guarantee. As each racking system we produce is manufactured on site, rather than imported, we are proud to offer quality storage solutions that are tailored to your products and space requirements, with short lead times.

For customised, quality made storage solutions, with a lifetime guarantee to back it up, and at a great price, look no further than MACRACK pallet racking. Call us today on 1800 048 821 and book in a complementary warehouse design service, where we will meet you at your warehouse for a free measure and quote.

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