How To Store Tyres – Warehouse Storage Solutions

Although tyres are built to be durable, it is essential that they are stored correctly to ensure the integrity of each tyre. The key to effective bulk tyre storage is maximising storage capacity without affecting the quality of the tyres. If you’re looking for a high quality tyre storage solution, you can’t look past tyre racks.

What Are Tyre Racks

Tyre racks are specifically built for the safe and efficient storage of tyres of all types and sizes. To maintain their quality, tyres need to be stored in a way that tension or compression as these forces can cause the tyres to become permanently distorted. Tyre racks account for this by allowing tyres to be stored upright on a rack (see image below).

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Not only will tyre racks ensure that the tyres are stored correctly, the design of tyre racking allows for easy identification and individual access to each tyre in the rack, reducing labour hours. Conversely, tyres that are stored on the ground in stacks offer less accessibility and can make it difficult to access tyres lower in the stack without risk of toppling.

Ideal Tyre Storage Conditions

Maintaining ideal tyre storage conditions is essential to ensure the quality of your tyres. For best results, tyres should be stored in a cool, dry, and well ventilated room in an area that is not exposed to direct sunlight. Additionally, tyres should not be stored in close proximity to any chemicals, cleaning products or oil.

The Benefits of Tyre Racks

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Maximise Storage

Tyre racks allow tyres to be stored vertically, similar to books in a bookshelf. This allows for higher density storage while simultaneously freeing up floor space.

Tyres that are stacked can only be stacked so high before they become unstable, which can lead to a stack toppling over causing damage to the tyres and potential injury to nearby workers. Conversely, as tyres are stored vertically in tyre racking, there is no limit to how many tyres can be stored. In fact, MACRACK makes all of our products onsite which means that we can make a tyre racking system as high and as long as you need.

Our tyre racks can also be incorporated into a raised storage area to double or even triple your floor space and dramatically increase the amount of tyres that can be stored at one time.

Increase Organisation

Another benefit of using tyre racks to store your tyres is increased organisation. Tyre racks allow the stored tyres to be clearly labelled and organised by manufacturer, size or speed rating and, unlike stacked tyres, tyres stored in a racking system are also individually accessible. This allows tyres to be easily located and identified to speed up the picking process.

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Reduce Labour Hours

Installing tyre racks can also save you money as it can reduce labour hours. This is because it is much more difficult to access tyres at the bottom of the stack than to locate and retrieve tyres from a tyre racking system.

Additionally, MACRACK’s tyre racks are built with safety and picking efficiency in mind. In a MACRACK tyre rack system, tyres are stored upright between two beams to prevent the tyres from rolling off of the shelf. This configuration also means that tyres can easily be retrieved by rolling them straight off the rack, which requires minimal effort when compared to lifting a heavy tyre from a stack.

Quality Made Tyre Racks At Affordable Prices

If you need quality made tyre racks at an affordable price, look no further than MACRACK tyre racks. Each racking system we offer is 100% Australian made, manufactured in our local Brisbane facility. This allows us to offer our customers short lead times on customised racking systems as none of our racks are imported. Plus, each racking system that we manufacture comes with a lifetime guarantee so you can rest assured that our racking is built to last.

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Whether you’re looking for a few tyre racks for your garage or you need a full warehouse fit out, MACRACK has got you covered. Call us today on 1800 048 821 and take advantage of our free quote and warehouse design offer.