Industrial Warehouse Storage Systems For Heavy Duty Loads

Industrial Warehouse Storage Systems For Heavy Duty Loads

Industrial Warehouse Storage Systems For Heavy Duty Loads

The type of storage system used in a warehouse can have a far reaching effect on the entire business, from productivity and efficiency to profits and revenue, and even the frequency of accidents and worker injury. When choosing the right storage system for your warehouse, the size and weight of the products you deal in and how they are stored, whether boxed or palletised, should be one of the key considerations.

Industrial warehouses that store heavy duty loads require customised storage solutions that are specifically designed and engineered to support the intended load. This is not only to protect your products and racking system from damage, but also to reduce the risk of misuse, overloading, or a racking collapse that could result in damage to your warehouse, loss of stock, and serious injuries or death.

Macrack offers a range of heavy duty warehouse storage solutions including heavy duty shelving and pallet racking customisable in three directions to suit your needs, and can be rated to withstand weight loads in the tonnes. Call us today on 1800 048 821 for a free quote and warehouse design plan.

Heavy Duty Racking vs. Heavy Duty Shelving

There are two main choices for the storage of heavy duty products in a warehouse, pallet racking and industrial shelving. The term, warehouse shelving is often used to describe both pallet racking and heavy duty shelving, as they are both used to store goods and products. However, pallet racking and heavy duty shelving are specifically designed for different types of storage. Choosing the right type of warehouse storage for your products, whether racking or shelving, will ensure that storage capacity and productivity in your warehouse is maximised.

Heavy Duty Racking

How To Keep Your Warehouse Safe & Clean

Heavy duty racking is an efficient way to safely and securely store palletized products or products stored in large boxes. Additionally, there is a wide range of pallet racking options available to suit your inventory that can be used in combination to maximise storage capacity and productivity in your warehouse. From standard pallet racking systems to high density racking, and even specialised racks such as carpet, cable, drum, and sheet racking.

Unlike heavy duty shelving, pallet racking is designed to store palletized products, meaning that products stored in a racking system are typically loaded and unloaded using a forklift or similar manual handling equipment. This allows pallet racks to be taller and deeper than heavy duty shelving as manual handling equipment such as forklifts have a greater reach than workers who pick by hand.

Additionally, pallet racking systems are built from durable, heavy duty materials and are dyna bolted to the floor for added safety and stability. Your racking system should also display accurate weight load signage provided by the manufacturer to prevent overloading or misuse.

Macrack is Australia’s leading pallet racking manufacturer, providing a lifetime guarantee for each racking system we produce. We also offer a free consultation and warehouse design service for a customised pallet racking system, where we will meet you on site to take measurements and design a system based on the products you intend to store as well as your available space and warehouse processes. Call 1800 048 821 to book your free quote and warehouse design.

Heavy Duty Shelving

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Heavy duty or industrial shelving is another great option for the safe and secure storage of large and heavy products in a warehouse environment. Industrial shelving is designed for the storage of smaller products that are not stored on pallets and are typically handpicked. Products stored on a heavy duty shelving system are typically shelved individually or in small boxes.

Heavy duty shelving is built to last, with quality and durability far above any shelving you can get at a retail store. In fact, Macrack industrial shelving is built to withstand the harsh warehouse environment and comes with a lifetime guarantee for your peace of mind.

Macrack industrial racking is made from our genuine Macrack pallet racking system with lighter gauge beams. The rated capacity of our industrial shelving system can be increased to withstand weight loads in the tonnes. Heavy duty shelving can also be used in combination with pallet racking or lighter duty shelving systems, such as rivet shelving and longspan shelving, in order to efficiently store a varying product range while maximising storage capacity.

Our heavy duty shelving system is customisable and adjustable, and can be added to or reconfigured to grow and change with your business.

Industrial Warehouse Storage Solutions

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Whether you need quality heavy duty shelving that will boost productivity in your hand picking warehouse, durable pallet racking system to maximise storage capacity of heavy duty products, or a combination of the two, Macrack has the perfect solution for your needs. Call us today on 1800 048 821 for expert advice and take advantage of our free quote and warehouse design offer.