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Macrack Australia is one of Australia’s leading pallet racking companies based out of Brisbane. Our trick to success is that we manufacture in Australia and supply a genuine product that holds a lifetime guarantee. We supply pallet racking Australia wide, to many industries and as a result have an outstanding customer base and strong reputation.

Pallet Racking Brisbane

Racks that conform to the latest standards

Pallet racking in Australia must conform to the latest standards which is AS4084 : 2012, Steel Storage racking. The Macrack product does this with flying colours and often exceeds these standards. Not only that, but our product is independently certified and tested to ensure that only the highest quality product leaves our manufacturing facility.

Other companies claim to manufacture here, but the truth is that they import their racking and often have a lesser quality product. Before you buy your pallet racking, ask for certification to the latest standard, as well as asking where it is made.

Pallet Racking Brisbane

Macrack Certified

Buying Aust made pallet racking

Australian made pallet racking, is very trust worthy because we only use Australian steel, which can be guaranteed to be of a higher quality (and hence has less imperfections) than imported steel. We do understand that price is also a determining factor in your decision process, and that’s why we manufacture pallet racking with the end user in mind. Our product is extremely competitive in price to ensure that you get the best product without overspending.

Macrack Pallet Racking Australia, has a few key determining features;

  • Our frames are made from cold rolled pre-galvanised steel, with a distinct Key-hole punching.
  • This profile enables ease of use to both install are adjust your pallet racking.
  • Our beams are made from roll formed steel and we can adjust our beam sizes to suit both your weight load and width of bay.
  • These beams are electrostatically coated in 2 coats of hi-vis orange, however we can tailor the colours to suit your company’s corporate look, and minimal cost.
  • We are the only company in Australia that can offer this service, and it allows for a great finish to your warehouse.

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