Celebrating 30 years of Manufacturing
22 2017

Extrusion Racking Made Easier at Crimsafe

Crimsafe: Macrack has teamed up with Crimsafe in order to address a specific gap in the market, just like Crimsafe did in 1996 when they first revolutionised the security market, Macrack is now changing how A-frame racks should be made. The Crimsafe product was originally established to address a need for home security, without the intrusive […]

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13 2016

Apex Steel – Steel Coil Storage

Macrack and Apex Steel have a great relationship, using each other’s services on a daily basis. We buy steel from them and they in turn use our racking. Most predominately Apex uses Coil racking to store their steel. It’s a safe and very effective way to store coiled product in a warehouse getting maximum storage […]

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14 2016

Tristar – New Warehouse

Tristar Australia Pty Ltd manufactures high quality fasteners for the  energy, mining and infrastructure  sectors in Australia. We have been working with them over the years to help expand and grow their business. Each year they add a bit more racking into their warehouse, until they realised that they needed to move because there was […]

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27 2016

Pallet Racking Brisbane & Australia

Pallet Racking Manufacturers Macrack Australia is one of Australia’s leading pallet racking companies based out of Brisbane. Our trick to success is that we manufacture in Australia and supply a genuine product that holds a lifetime guarantee. We supply pallet racking Australia wide, to many industries and as a result have an outstanding customer base […]

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18 2016

Drive In Racking

Drive-In Racking Brisbane & QLD Drive in racking is commonly used as a high density storage solution. Often when a warehouse stores many pallets of the same item this is the best solution, because this racking system revolves around the LIFO (Last In First Out). Unlike conventional pallet racking this system stores pallets on runners […]

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11 2016

Hints for Buying Pallet Racking

If you are looking to expand & store some more product, open up a new warehouse. Here are some handy hints to think about before your start. Understand your product. Not everyone has the same product. Look at the dimensions of your product (length, width, height), and also the weight of the product. What Storage […]

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15 2016

BlueScope Steel Partners with Australian Manufacturers

  At Macrack we deal with steel day in and day out. It’s our core product and we have to trust our suppliers to get us the best quality steel so we can make the best quality products. So when it comes to steel manufacturers and suppliers we trust Blue Scope as one of our […]

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